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Elevate Your Health with Top-Tier Chiropractic Expertise

"Absolutely professional, and her friendliness just adds to the comfort of being with a doctor. My husband and I both went to her and had exceptional service. Keep up the great work. Highly recommend her for anyone that needs a chiro."


Floor 3A, The Pearls

6 Lagoon Drive

Umhlanga Rocks



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Dr Rochelle van Eck

Aloha and welcome to Aloha Chiropractic

Where passion for vibrant living meets the expert care of Rochelle van Eck, your dedicated chiropractor.

I'm Rochelle, the sole practitioner at Aloha Chiropractic, and I invite you to experience a community-driven approach to chiropractic wellness. Guided by the principle that "Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe," Aloha Chiropractic is a welcoming space for everyone, embracing individuals on their unique health journeys. Whether you're seeking relief from discomfort, aiming to enhance athletic performance, managing stress, or pursuing overall well-being, my personalized care ensures your needs are met.



Chiropractic Adjustments (Spinal and Extremities)

The healing art of chiropractic adjustments meets the science of unlocking your body's potential. Imagine a symphony where each vertebra plays a note, and your spine is the conductor orchestrating harmony. Chiropractic adjustments are the key to tuning that symphony, ensuring every movement is a melody of wellness.


Back Pain Relief

Back pain, often the silent voice of discomfort, can disrupt the rhythm of our lives. At Aloha Chiropractic, we understand the profound impact it has on your daily existence. Whether it's a persistent ache, a sharp twinge, or a dull discomfort, your back is trying to tell a story. It's a narrative of your lifestyle, your habits, and your body's unique journey.


Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain isn't just a discomfort to be relieved, it's a story to be understood and transformed. Picture a world where the weight of stress and strain doesn't reside in your neck, where movement is a gesture of freedom rather than discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments are a non-invasive solution that realigns the spine, releases tension, and turns discomfort into relief.


Headache Management

As your dedicated chiropractor, I specialize in deciphering the language of headaches. Headache management is more than a routine; it's a personalized exploration to unveil the triggers and provide lasting relief. Through precise chiropractic care and empowering lifestyle guidance, we redefine your experience of headaches.


Sciatica Relief

Did you know that sciatica affects people across a broad age spectrum, from young adults to seniors? It's a widespread challenge, but here at Aloha Chiropractic, I navigate the unique path to relief for every individual. Through targeted chiropractic care and comprehensive guidance, I am dedicated to redefining your experience of sciatica.


Dry Needling

Despite its ancient roots, dry needling has found a modern resurgence as a powerful technique for relieving muscle tension. This method involves precisely inserting thin needles into trigger points, stimulating the release of tight muscles. It is not acupuncture; it's a targeted approach to alleviate pain and enhance flexibility.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Beyond mere recovery, we embark on a journey to restore not just your physical prowess but to elevate it to new heights. Our tailored approach integrates cutting-edge techniques, personalized exercises, and targeted therapies to ensure your return to peak performance.


Posture Correction

Beyond aesthetics, our approach is a transformative journey to cultivate a posture that supports your overall health. Tailored adjustments, targeted exercises, and expert guidance converge to redefine how you carry yourself. Discover the path to optimal posture, where every adjustment is a step toward balance and vitality.


Stress Management

Our Stress Management program is designed to be your compass in navigating life's demands. Picture this as a journey, guided by chiropractic wisdom and personalized strategies. Together, we'll harmonize your body and mind, offering more than just coping mechanisms—empowering you to thrive amid life's symphony.

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